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Joel and Sherrell at Inkpen Vintage Fountain Pen are well recognized for the quality of their repair work.

They regularly conduct repair seminars at US Pen shows and repair MOST brands of fountain pens.

To inquire about any repair services, please contact them.
Repair Services Included Cost
Post 1960 Mont Blanc pens incur a minimum charge of $95
  • Lever Filling Pens
  • Sheaffer Touchdown models
  • Clean nib, feed, section and remove debris barrel
  • Replace sac, adjust nib and feed for proper flow,
    smooth nib if required
  • Light polish
  • Conklin Nozak
  • Montblanc, Pelikan and most European piston fillers
  • Parker Vacumatic filling pens
  • Sheaffer Snorkels
  • Clean nib, feed, section, & remove debris
  • Barrel: Replace diaphragm or gaskets & o-rings
  • Adjust nib & feed for proper flow,
    smooth nib if required
  • Light polish
  • Sheaffer Vacuum Fillers and Onoto Plunger Fillers
  • Dismantle and clean
  • Replace or rebuild filling system
  • Nib or flow adjustment
  • Adjust feed & nib for proper ink flow
  • Appearance Restoration
  • Remove or fill cracks, chips, & deep scratches
  • Inner Cap repair and/or replacement
  • Remove/replace inner cap or clip replacement
    requiring inner cap removal
  • Nib crack repairs
  • Determined by item—minimum charge
  • Nib removed & replaced in section after repair
    with adjustment of feed and nib for proper ink flow
  • Nib replacement
  • Remove and replace owner's nib(s)
  • Adjust feed & nib for proper flow
  • Cosmetic Restoration
  • Hard Rubber Coloring, Burn Repairs, Filling Holes
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