Often Asked Questions

Q: Who is going to perform the repair of my pen? A:

We repair most manufacturers' pens. Sherrell performs the repairs on most Sheaffer pens, particularly the vacuum filling pens. Joel will perform the repairs on most Parker pens, especially the Vacumatic filling pens. Regardless of where the pens are shipped they will get to the right place for the right repair.*

Q: What is your turnaround time on repairs? A:

Most repairs are completed and returned within 2 to 4 months. Pens that require finding parts that are not in our inventory will take longer. Pens are restored in the order that they arrive.

Q: Can I get my pen repaired faster than the normal repair time? A:

Yes, but expedited service will cost twice the normal charge.

Q: Do you guarantee your repairs? A:

The fill and flow of most pens we repair are warranted for at least one year and some for significantly longer. We will advise you if a particular repair is not warranted.

Q: How should I ship my pens to you? A:

We recommend that you wrap your pen(s) in bubble wrap and enclose it/them in a box and tape all openings. This will reduce the likelihood of the pen being lost from the shipping package. PLEASE DO NOT SHIP YOUR PEN IN A PADDED OR A BUSINESS ENVELOPE!!! Insure your pen for the amount it will cost to replace it. Use a shipping method which can be tracked.