Our first book!

This booklet is a good primer for new and newer collectors.

Includes helpful shopping hints, hints for avoiding "franken'pens," and answers many of the questions that we've been asked by new collectors.

Includes our assessment of the qualities of several pens.

ONLY $15, direct from the authors!

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'Da Book

Fountain Pens, The Complete Guide to Repair & Restoration by Frank Dubiel

"Da Book" is undoubtedly the most comprehensive repair book . Lots of line drawings.It discusses repair and restoration of most pen filling systems and has many hints for cosmetic work to improve pen appearance; shows how to create substitutes for missing parts.

An essential book for all repair people and those who want to learn to do their own work.

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Fountain Pens United States of America and United Kingdom

by Andreas Lambrou--renowned for his expertise in fountain pen history and production.

The book contains information about major manufacturers in the specified areas--useful for identifying and dating pens. Many color photos with great clarity. Definitely worth owning.

Price $75

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Stylus Pen Annual

The Stylus Pen Annual includes new pen products (even ballpoints), information about maintaining your pen and an ink guide. Beautiful photography; info on the materials, the manufacturers and accessories. The volume is worth owning for the pictures and manufacturers suggested prices. Limited number available at $25.

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Parker Duofold

What a great resource and historical account of the Paker Duofold. More than just a lot of pictures here!

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Parker 51

A wonderful book that documents the development and production of a pen that changed the writing instruments industry!

Price $80 plus shipping

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